Goal Tracking: Week 6

This past Saturday I took a 4.7 mile walk at the Lake Waco Dam trail. Blue skies, sunshine, and a 57 degree day. There was plenty of wind, and I was glad to be wearing a sweatshirt. I enjoyed the sights and sounds, took plenty of pictures, but the best part was the walk itself.… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 6

Goal Tracking: Week 4

Last week finished on a strong note and this week is off to a great start. I’ve enjoyed time outdoors by increasing the number of walks I take with my dog, I really like playing basketball with the group of guys I see each week, I’m playing soccer with my kids, I’m getting good sleep,… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 4

Goal Tracking: Week 3

As I wrote last week the flu and strep threw our family wildly off track, and while I was spared any illness, my routine was disrupted. The kids were out of school, Molly was playing catch up at work, and though I never ran a fever or displayed any symptoms, I did feel a little… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 3

Goal Tracking: Week 2

Germs overtook the Simpson household this weekend, which has knocked us off track. Not to worry. Last week was productive, though I’ve identified new challenges. I exercised four days this past week and hit a number of my targets. I trained with weights on Monday and Tuesday, attending a yoga class on Thursday morning, and… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 2