Goal Tracking: Week 27

Four and a half months remain in 2019. How is it going? How am I doing? Am I sticking with my goals? Making progress? Pleased with results? It has been a good year, not because I’ve accomplished everything I set down at the outset, but because I’ve stayed focused on my goals, checked in, been… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 27

Goal Tracking: Week 26

We all want to feel good in our bodies. There are multiple factors working against the accomplishment of that aim. There are our genetics, poor habits, a lack of knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and health. Then there are unrealistic expectations and unhelpful (and unhealthy) cultural narratives about beauty and attractiveness. There are also plenty of… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 26

Goal Tracking: Week 25

The picture above is not my dog. But Hondo is a golden retriever. He has a white coat and a pretty beat up collar. I need to get him a cool bandana. Last week I had ups and down. I played basketball on Monday, and felt pretty good about how I played. So I revved… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 25

Goal Tracking: Week 24

I competed in the Howl at the Moon 5K on Saturday night, finished sixth in my division, running a little over a nine minute mile. I did not actively train for the race. I played basketball, did light cardio (in addition to strength training), and did a lot of flexibility work. The posterior chain on… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 24

Goal Tracking: Week 18

One of the most important fitness lessons I’ve learned over the years is that the priorities of each day will determine your long term outcomes. If you want to get stronger, lose weight, and feel better in your body, you’ll need to exercise, challenge yourself in the weight room, and make healthy food choices. But… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 18

Goal Tracking: Week 17

Here’s some good great news: I started a new job! What does that have to do with my goals? It means I need to adjust my routine. When 2019 began, I set goals in my work life. I wanted to remain consistent in existing work opportunities, whether in contract writing or working as a mentor.… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 17