Goal Tracking: Week 43

More good news! I enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, only saw the scale tick up 4/10th of one pound on the scale, and ran another 5K on Thursday morning. That’s my third 5K in 2019, meeting my goal for the year. I’ve already walked the dog today, and I’ve made good food choices–so far. Plus, I… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 43

Goal Tracking: Week 41

I work with students. I teach new things all the time. Sometimes I toss my students into the deep end and hope they float. But other times I wade alongside them into the shallows, until slowly, and then suddenly, we discover together that the water isn’t so bad, that it is okay to get wet,… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 41

Goal Tracking: Week 40

Image by Diana Parkhouse from Pixabay This past week I took a few steps in the right direction. Only a few. But let’s count them. First, food. I consciously drank much more water. I ate more vegetables. I was much more selective concerning my carb intake, and had help from Molly in bringing my own… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 40

Goal Tracking: Week 39

Ugh. I’ve been walking around in a post-Halloween apocalyptic level candy coma and am in deep need of detox. Sugar! Butterfinger bites, chocolate covered almonds, knock-off thin mints, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Blue Bell ice cream. Too much. We’ve been keeping the sweets around the house, and even though I tell myself I’ll only have… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 39

Goal Tracking: Week 36

When you read a book, the type is chosen to be readable and easy on the eyes. The kerning is spaced just right, making the text visually pleasing. But the margins are a major key. Margins help us to focus on what is important. They give our eyes space to rest, and train us how… Continue reading Goal Tracking: Week 36